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The Influence of Instagram on Food Industry

October 16, 2017

Nowadays Instagram is no longer a simple platform for people to share their photos, it has been turned into an influential platform which is able to exert a great influence on many industries, especially for food industry. Instagram is not only make the searches related to food more smooth and facilitating, hashtags such as foodie, foodgasm, etc. also make people follow closely with the food trend. 


It is undeniable that food trends on Instagram have become major sales drivers in food industry to some extent. But the question is that what’s the influence of Instagram on food industry – does it hurt the industry or improve the industry as a whole?

Before discussing the above question, let’s look at what are food trends. Food trends refer to the most attractive styles related to how to prepare and consume food as well as beverages. 


Food and beverages cannot go popular on Instagram if they are not attractive to look at, no matter how nutritious they are. It seems reasonable because people on Instagram have extremely high standards on videos and images. As food trends become going aboard and gain much more attention, food business marketers also attach more importance on visual appeal than actual taste and nutrition. Frank speaking, it is clearly that food businessman and restaurant owners have already divided their attention and energy because Instagram has given them an opportunity to drive sales via the internet. To this point, many people think Instagram is ruining food industry. Check


Every coin has two sides. Instagram is also helping many small food businesses go popular and attract more customers. It makes smaller businesses become more competitive and help them raise brand awareness by simple uploading on Instagram. If you are small food business owner, it is a good choice for you buy more Instagram followers to increase your potential customers and make your food more popular. If you can get many likes and comments on your post, then your post can be on the top of your follower’s pages. In this case, people will be interested in your food or drinks and you can drive your sales. 

It is hard to say whether Instagram is good at or bad for food industry as a whole. That is to say, the real challenge for food business is not killing Instagram but learning how to balance marketing strategy and upload high standards of videos and pictures. Buying more Instagram followers is a simply way to outsource this part of marketing to professional person to help you attract more potential customers. Need more followers and likes go

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